Learn the science of music production !

Develop your music style and obtain the global skills and insights needed to successfully master the art of music .

NOW ONLY @ 99 Rupee for first 20 students . Hurry!

Meet your Instructor

Rohit Raj "Aashiq Bhopali"  Music Producer, Singer and well known rapper in india , one of his songs " Kal Raat Online Mili Ek Ladki"  got viral world wide , this song was written composed and produced by himself. 

Rohit has worked world wide from last 15 years in his music career and produced many well known hit's as well as worked with big celebrities and music commposers .

He has trained a lot of young talents to groom their potential in music industry. 

What you’ll learn?

So many people dream of creating music so many our bathroom singers and so many are professionals people know that how to sing but they don't know how to sync their singing with a proper music so in this course we are going to teach you that how to sync your vocals with a good music.


Learn Music

Some of my Top rated videos are on yutube listed below .

Who can join the course?

If you're planning to create your own music studio  to compose music for others that this course is for you because our trainer Rohit Raj is having more than 15 years of experience in this course you're going to learn how to compose your own tracks and how to mix music. 

The patience of many months we have designed this compact course for music aspirants .

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What was the Inspiration behind course?

I started as a music composer in my early 19's right now it's somewhere around 12 years I'm still working in the same field I got many opportunities I have done music fat so many celebrities of India even out of India.

My first song Shabbu Shabana got viral in Madhya Pradesh then after that I got opportunities to work for others and then the things started people started approaching me they started calling me and then I started my journey of music production I want to share each and every part of my music production journey with you including that I'm going to share some precepts and some downloadable files of music with you guys.

Trust me it is really hard to learn music production but with me it is really easy because I am not going to teach you I am going to share my experiences with you so if you're ready to get my experience or if you are ready to have the same knowledge as I am acquiring right now than its your time.

It's a limited time course and we are soon going to close the course or we will increase the amount so subscribers today

                 This course is approved by many music compositiors.


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What your clients and students have to say about the course?

(Testimonial Corner)

there are many students we have taught and you will be the one after joining this course to be highlited in this page  next time .


Full time DJ and music Producer, India

Hey i learn from octospark and they are having the best trainers worldwide for mucis production .

Dvyansh Bankar

Visual Disk Jokey

It's been 2 years when i learn from spark academy and rohit sir tho=ught me the basics of music and composition , rightnow i am working a full time mucis composer and earning a really good amount .

Deepanshu Bhatt

Self Employed, Pune

When you have liberty to learn somthing of your intrest you feel energatic and referashed, trust me this course will definatly change your life , you must join it .

NOW ONLY @ 99 Rupee for first 20 students . Hurry! 

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